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What is the Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method, also known as Husband-Coached  Childbirth, teaches natural childbirth and views birth as a natural process. It is our belief that most women with proper education, preparation, and the help of a loving and supportive coach can be taught to give birth naturally. It is a system of labour techniques in which a woman and her coach play an active part. It is a simple method of increasing self-awareness, teaching a woman how to deal with the stress of labour by tuning in to her own body. The Bradley Method encourages mothers to trust their bodies using natural breathing, relaxation,  and education.
Your local certified instructor is an expert in the field of natural childbirth.  They are trained to encourage, empower and enlighten not only the mother but also the father; so both feel confident with the knowledge and strategies to obtain the birth experience they desire.
Who I am?

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

What an exciting new chapter in your lives.

Like many of you, our journey into parenthood came with a number of questions and decisions to make about the new life that I was carrying.  One of the choices we made came from the recommendation of our Chiropractor: Bradley Method Prenatal Classes. We are grateful for the classes, because they gave us the knowledge and confidence to have three wonderful pregnancies, labors, and births.

The births of our 3 children were the most amazing and memorable things we had ever experienced. I say “we” because it was a team effort.  Chris was by my side the entire time, offering support and encouragement. Without the Bradley classes, we likely wouldn’t have had our home deliveries, and would have missed out on those experiences. 

After we began sharing our story, I paid close attention to the birth stories from people around us. I discovered that ‘natural’ birth is definitely not the norm. Many couples have visions of ‘natural childbirth’ without knowing what that is or how to achieve it.  That was a turning point for me. I realized then, that I wanted to teach other future parents to have a positive birth experience. 

My goal is to offer you the skills that will enable you to have the best birth experience possible.



Some people plan more for a vacation than the birth of their child. Which one will you remember more, I’d bet on the birth! 


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